Kelly brings beauty, passion and pleasure to her every creative endeavor and this is no exception. Joy-filled food does not begin to cover it. To watch someone enacting their passion is inspiration enough, but to taste that passion transformed into beautiful plates of edible offerings is the art of nourishment. It is no surprise that people “show up” at dinner time. Kelly is cooking on all levels.  -H. Bleasdell


…I’ve enthusiastically eaten your bread, your empendada, salsa, soup, tacos, tamales. Everything has been fresh, flavorful, delicious and feel good food. I hope everyone gets to see you cook and enjoy the food you’ve prepared.  -E. Wrightsman


Kelly’s food is the best I’ve ever had. Not only is it fresh, beautiful, and immensely flavorful, but she infuses it all with her love of making it. Kelly is an absolute master of her kitchen domain and could likely accomplish world peace if only everyone could eat her food.  -M. Reiner


 If you’re heading to a party and someone says “Oh, and Kelly is going to bring some of her food”, immediately everyone perks up and starts talking about what delicious thing they had the last time, what they hope she might make this time, and the anticipation begins. Even better, the anticipation is always satisfied and delighted. Kelly’s food is fresh, inspired, comforting or a brand new hit. Any which way, you always end up wanting more.  -T. Berger


I will be happy to provide references: email me at kellycollinsgeiser@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Just had a romantic dinner for two by Kelly. She set a table for us by the river complete with wine, fresh baked bread, and three dishes that were specially crafted to our dietary needs and preferences. It was a very special experience and, without a doubt, the best meal we’ve had in our 4 years in Petaluma. Thank you!

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