Cinco De Mom’o

If you are like me, the month of May is sinking in deep right now.  The 5th of May not only represents a pinnacle Mexican-American event, but for anyone with school-aged children it also propagates the nearing of summer: field trips, family outings, sporting events, and all the things that go on and on and on in May.  Perhaps there is a sense of overbooking in your life…  And now it is Cinco De Mayo!  The Mexican holiday similar to St. Patricks Day in the way we celebrate – with cultural food and drink, and sometimes dance.  Another coming together! Forget it all! Have a Margarita!  ….Or….

You can make guacamole and salsa for dinner, share a brief history, and call it a night…. Because we all know you have a lot on your plate…Literally.

Cinco De Mayo is to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French on May 5, 1862.  Not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence day, September 16th.   All in all there were a lot of battles between the European Conquistadors and the Mexicans.  And after defending their land for hundreds of years – one thing is for certain… They needed a siesta.  Now, in honor of our great neighbors and friends, we share and commemorate.  No se puede silbar y tragar pinole – “One cannot whistle and swallow (sweet bread) at the same time.”



3 Avocados

juice from one lime (about 3 Tbsp)

1/4 C. cilantro chopped fine

one green onion diced

one fresno or jalapeño pepper chopped fine

Sea salt to taste (I add a teaspoon of Maldon)

*if the Avocados have a gamey smell (like bacon) toss them out.  It’s not worth eating BAD Guacamole.  EVER.


Almost anything makes damn good salsa!  Here is my favorite: a couple tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, 1 jalapeño pepper. 1 fresno pepper, 1 serrano pepper, 1/2 onion, whole head of garlic, squeeze of lime, salt.


Put all peppers, garlic (skin on), tomatoes, and onion in an iron skillet or BBQ and roast each side until blackened.  Put in Mortar, food processor, or blender when each is done – the smaller peppers first, roast garlic (squeezed out), tomatoes, etc. mash or blend.  add salt to taste, squeeze of lime and “Hecho”!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!








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