Sources for a more sustainable table

Cooking makes me happy… and so happily I launched a career out of it – while still holding on to the integrity of my own family’s table. I truly do care about what people put into their bodies and how the earth is impacted. We live in an environment that produces some of the best foods in the world and I intend to savor all of it, sustainably conscious of course.  I was in New York Last weekend, and. While the food was fantastic at ABC Cucina – I wondered where exactly did they get their octopus? Many places around the world with Octopus are to be “avoided” due to heavy fishing, habitat damage, and lack of management. My purveyor as far as I know doesn’t even sell octopus. Most seafood I’ve seen in restaurants that seem fancy – and trusted, I later find out that their choices are not necessary up to par with my values.


Speaking of Values: I was reading through a popular cooking magazine last night with “10 Best Restaurants” on the cover. I like this stuff…I get a glimpse of where to go while traveling to New York, Seattle, L.A., etc. Also, it’s a great way to see what others are inventing for themselves. To my horror, I read this!

photo 2-2 …”but I’m kinda trashy, so I’m okay with that.”  What!  Are you saying!?  This is a person who qualifies as a chef?  And a chef of a “10 best restaurant” pick from a popular magazine?  Who cooks with this shit anymore?  They do.  That is why it is good to know your chef!

Another snip of disgust: Check out this chef’s “Rule No. 6”

photo 1-2 Hello?!  Have you heard of creativity?  If proving something has to do with whether or not our grandchildren can enjoy the same species that exist today – then damn-it pay attention!  BTW – Endive (greenhouse – low impact) and Mussels pretty much grow all year long anyway – so this is a dumb example by a cocky chef.

Feeling my frustration?!

These are my guidelines: Eat local, eat with good intentions by supporting purveyors that have true sustainable practices, know where your food comes from and stay informed.  Here are my favorite sources: They all stay true to this model.  And I hope this will inspire you to do the same.

TwoxSea and Fish Restaurant and Market Owned by Kenny Belov and William Foss: San Francisco and Sausalito, CA

Fish market case 02


Thistle Meats owned by Molly Best and Kent Schoberle: Petaluma, CA



Green String Farm farmed by Bob Cannard and his Green String Farm Institute: Petaluma, CA

Green String stand


Hog Island Oyster Co.: Marshall, Ca

 Hog Islandkids eating oysters







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