Working with our hands

Each class offers an in-depth aspect on cooking without fear!  Delicate Hand-rolled pasta, local seafood and meat, and beautiful pies will be our main course during the 1st class.  Artistic raviolis, grilled local meats, and chocolates will course our second.  Make your best choices count and understand the quality of eating doesn’t just stop with our own bodies.  There are bodies of sea and land that are under terrible disparities.  Work with our hands to honor our souls.


One aspect of cooking that really turns my heart light on is working with my hands; Impeccably clean hands!

julia with bird

Roll up your sleeves and get right into it.  Lets explore texture and consistencies using only our hands.  Imagine if you could remember recipes by way of feeling and look rather then a concrete number of measurements.  This class is recommended for folks who want to get in touch with their intuitive side of cooking.


We will not use measuring cups and measuring spoons.  We will not be afraid of getting dirty.  We will not be afraid of failing.  Pure knowledge by touch and taste.


*Menu: Raviolis, gnocchi, pie crust, chipatis, hand tossed salads, cheeses, spices, herbs, and meat on the grill. We’ll work with different types of dough and discuss how heat and touch changes their qualities.  Mix, blend, and divide with care and precision without fancy gadgets or tools.  Less is More!  Enjoy the simplest ingredients and a humble way of cooking.

This class is two thursdays. Take one or both: Includes dinner, wine pairing, recipes, and life-long skills.

We are learning how to cook without being a slave to our recipes.

Mila making Gnocchi for her birthday dinner

Mila making Gnocchi for her birthday dinner

Thursday, January 15th


Friday, January 23nd (SOLD OUT)


$75 per person per class

space is limited to 6.

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