Slow Fish Webinar 3/20

For those of us who feel like a deer in headlights…Here’s some movement around our fishing communities.  I’m feeling an opportune moment in the US right now to focus on our local food sources, and seafood being a sure commodity that needs to be supported and honored within our community.  Those of you who may want to know more about seafood, fishing, and blue commons (public ocean space vs. privatization) in the US.
 register and join us tomorrow, Friday at 10 PST, (1pm ET)
Amidst these crazy and prophetic times that we’re experiencing, the Slow Fish Program Team has managed to pack an awesome agenda that will feature an indigenous Slow Food Turtle Island welcome, fisher poetry, stories from young and indigenous fish harvesters from around North America, thought-leaders on Blue Commons, and a video message from Congresswoman Chellie Pingree. Plus we might even have some live music!
Kids and teens also might like this event as a homeschool assignment for current events, social studies, and science.
This webinar is free and open to the public. Please register in advance. Slow Food USA will send you the link.
Here is the Facebook event.

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