Full and drunk

I am so grateful to know someone like Paige Green.  She is a dear friend.  Paige does beautiful photography, and her humble and gentle presence is so lovely in a kitchen suffocating with heat and snug in space.  She did all my photography.  When we were finished she stayed and ate with me too.


This last shoot however she had to leave for another job and only managed to eat a couple slices of pizza.  My husband and son had to leave as well.  “when you come back, I’ll be full and drunk.” is what I told him.  Well… I poured (most) of the wine back into the bottle, but the food I couldn’t resist; even though it was all at room temperature.  So by 1pm I had had Lamb, chickpea stew, pizza, salad, bread and cheese, and a little salami off the charcuterie plate.  When my family returned in the evening, I ate it all over again, and poured the wine back into my glass.  No shame in eating good food.




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